Ethylene Gas : A Natural Gas

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Ethylene Gas
Ethylene gas is one of the by-products of respiration, and occurs naturally as produce ripens. It can have both positive and negative impacts upon your program. Ethylene is a natural gas made by some fruits and vegetables. Ethylene causes certain fruits and vegetables to ripen faster, which can lead to over-ripening and spoilage. For this reason, you want to be careful to keep ethylene-producing items away from ethylene-sensitive product and that your storage and display areas have good ventilation. Spoiled produce makes even more ethylene (one bad apple spoils a bunch)!

Positive Effects
The conventional produce system uses ethylene gas to speed up the ripening of bananas and melons, and to promote the degreening of
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It is important to know if your produce distributor delivers any of the following items packed in ice when you are making your storage plans so that you can be sure you have adequate drainage for melting ice. Produce items that can tolerate (but do not require) icing are:

Collard Greens

Prepackaged Produce
Packaged fruits and vegetables offer a convenience to the consumer, but they require special handling, storage, and display considerations. Damage to one apple within a three pound bag due to improper handling, storage, or display can affect the others, resulting in faster spoilage of the whole bag of apples. It is important to scan bags or packages as they are delivered or before pick-up and reject those that have rotten pieces. As they are stored and displayed, continue to check for spoiled pieces and throw away bags or packages with rotting produce as necessary.

Proper Handling
Ideally everything is touched at least once per day. In the case of your most perishable items, it’s much more and in the case of more resilient items, perhaps every other day.
Each piece of fruit is a multi-level investment: Financial on the part of your store, the vendors and growers, natural resources such as water and fuel, human labor (including your own) and store energy usage. Your role in the produce
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