Etiology Risk Factors

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Etiology and risk factors The debate continues about whether damage to the optic nerve is caused by eye pressures that are too high, decreased blood flow to the optic nerve head, or both factors.Irrespective of what causes the damage, the end resultis that ganglion-cell death inglaucoma is by apoptosis(programmed cell death),because of the lack of trophicfactors.12 In addition,autoimmune reactions,increased concentrations ofnitric oxide, and raisedconcentrations of glutamatemay contribute to ganglioncell death in POAG.13 Demographic risk factors for POAG are Africandescent14, 15,16 and older age (>70 years).14-22 In thepopulation-based Baltimore Eye Survey in the USA, African-Americans were four times more likely tohave glaucoma than white people.14 White people and African-Americans aged 70 years or older were 3•5 and7•4 times more likely to have glaucoma than whitepeople and African-Americans…show more content…
In certain cases, drainage devices or ciliodestructive procedures maybe done instead of an initial trabeculectomy; because ofthe high likelihood of a trabeculectomy failing.40There has been much public attention on marijuanaas a possible treatment of glaucoma. Inhalation ofmarijuana does lower eye pressures.41As it isthought that sustained lowering of eye pressure is likelyto confer greater benefit, the amount of marijuanasmoke needed to produce clinical benefits may beassociated with substantial side-effects, and thus,marijuana is not recommended as a treatment
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