Etsy: A Short Story

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I started selling monogram decals on Etsy when I was fourteen years old. I did not know anything about running a business then, so I have learned everything by trial and error. The success from the business has amazed me. I have been able to revamp other people’s Etsy sites while donating thousands of dollars to charities and sponsoring a child in Africa.
I have also obtained a provisional patent for one of my inventions.
I swam on a year round swim team for eight years. I absolutely loved it. But, in tenth grade I moved to the highest level group on my team so we practiced before and after school. I would wake up at four in the morning, go to practice, go to school, go back to practice, and then arrive home at six in the evening. I then had to eat dinner, finish homework, and work on orders. With the volume of orders I was receiving, I did not have enough time to make the orders in a time frame that was fair to my customers. My business was more important to me, so I had to stop swimming. I still, however, teach swim lessons on the weekend and am still on the varsity swim team at my school. During the summer, I am also the head coach of a neighborhood swim team with seventy kids.
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The money from the store goes to people who need help paying their rent and utility bills. Because I am an entrepreneur, it has become a huge passion of mine. I love organizing the displays and helping the cashiers bag. I also sort clothing donations, so I get to help decide what goes into the shop. I love volunteering there because it makes me feel like I am running my own store. It feels like I am creating my own displays, bagging items that I have sold, and choosing the items that I would want in my
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