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Berdiev, V. 17 Studies for Trumpet.
This etude book by Berdiev is a collection of 17 etudes that can be used for intermediate to advanced trumpet players. This book covers a wide variety of musical styles and techniques ranging from complex rhythms, articulation, dynamics, range, and different key signatures. Due to its interchanging styles between technical and lyrical phrasing, this book can be used in a plethora of ways to advance a trumpet player’s technical ability.

Boehme, O. 24 Melodic Studies, Op. 20.
This etude book by Oskar Boehme consist of 24 melodic studies that can be used for advance trumpet players. These studies vary between melodic and intervallic melodies that creates difficult challenges. Each etude is centered around
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In each section of this book, Caffarelli lays out how each suggested transposition should be completed. The transposition studies start off simplistic in terms of their musical intent while each melody progressively becoming more difficult as the each transposition become more comfortable. The trumpet player will be required to transpose in all keys through these studies. These studies are recommended for all trumpet players learning or practicing different keys of transposition.

Collins, P. In the Singing Style.
Phil Collins’ In the Singing Style is a collection of various popular melodies, orchestral excerpts, and arias that are designed to improve lyrical and musical phrasing. These melodies range in difficulty and are meant to be very approachable so that the performer can used these melodies to develop musicianship as well as overall tone quality. Since these studies cover a wide variety of styles ranging from baroque to romantic music, this etude book can also serve as a tool to learn about different genres of music for all trumpet students of any age.

Gates, E. Odd Meter Etudes: For All Instruments in Treble
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These studies are designed to be played with rapid speed depending on the abilities of the performer. By design Nagel’s book is more harmonically complex than other technical studies that are focused around improving finger dexterity. This is the author’s attempt to prepare today’s performers for more complex modern music. These studies vary in range and require the performer to have the ability of moving low to high with ease. These studies by Nagel should be approach by advanced trumpet who have these capabilities.
Reynold, V. 48 Etudes for Trumpet.
48 Etudes for Trumpet by Verne Reynold is a collection etudes centered around intervallic studies. Reynold’s etude book was originally written for the horn and later adapted for the trumpet. This book begins with the study of playing half step intervals and each proceeding etude expands from there ending at the octave studies. Also, these studies use a wide variety of articulation that can be challenging for the performer. Reynolds also uses these etudes to study playing in the upper and lower register with large leaps. Due to these difficulty this should be used for more advance trumpet players.
Small, J.L. 27 Melodious & Rhythmical Exercises for
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