Etymology of Divine Revelation

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Introduction In Christianity, it is clear that God has made known Himself to humanity. Thus the doctrine of divine revelation is espoused: It pleased God, in his goodness and wisdom, to reveal himself and to make known the mystery of his will. (DV 1)[1] Further, the Church teaches that it is through Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, closely bound together, that this revelatory communication takes place. (cf. DV 9)[2] It is from this point of view that we have looked, in this paper, on the discussion of divine revelation. Realising that this is a wide topic, we have confined ourselves to research and come up with information trying to explain how Sacred Scripture is a requisite for divine revelation fulfilled in the…show more content…
Further, the Church’s understanding is that in divine revelation, God reveals Himself. It is the revelation that entails two things: the act and faculty of revealing, and what is revealed in the act. As stated above, we have God Himself performing the act of unveiling Himself.[8] That is why elsewhere, the Greek word θέοφανι literally means God showing forth. This term designates God’s appearance to humanity; an act in which He (God) is revealed, but still remains totally the other. Nevertheless, it should be noted that divine revelation is something that was concrete and not abstract. Thus in showing how divine revelation has been understood, we get an impression that it involves what or who is revealed, and to what or who it is revealed. Going back to the above definition of revelation, we see God taking up the character of the revealer as well as the other of the revealed, while humanity is the recipient of this revelation. Accordingly, we see humanity as the recipient obliged to respond to the communication initiated by God, otherwise the whole communication risks losing the characteristics of a dialogue; where one speaks and the other responds. Too, in this revelation, God comes to meet humanity and enter into a personal relationship with humanity where both participate as humanity is lifted up into fellowship with God.[9] Thus, this

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