Eu 's Action Regarding The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Despite Luxembourg being the smallest member of the European Union, it is very vocal about its concerns regarding the Syrian refugee crisis since Schengen infringes of their sovereignty. However, Luxembourg is also the wealthiest and may be able to help provide for the Syrians. Luxembourg is very critical of the EU’s action regarding the Syrian refugee crisis. Luxembourg has offered to take in 400 refugees in the coming years (Turner). This is a small number compared to the amounts the other Member States have taken on; however, Luxembourg is the smallest Member State and it is a large amount for this small nation. The EU is requiring the Member States to help with the crisis, even though most are not happy with doing so. The cost of…show more content…
The presidency prioritized the EU with other nations of the world to carry out initiatives to implement an effective immigration policy (Programme and Priorities). Additionally, the Paris terrorist attacks of November 2015 made migration policy even more of a priority for Luxembourg. Even today in 2016, the migration crisis is becoming a great problem for the EU and its Member States. Ignoring the issues will not solve the problem and Luxembourg clearly recognized that migration within the EU is something that they must resolve. To manage with the influx of migrants, the Council and the Parliament agreed to designate more than 2 million euros for humanitarian aid and emergency assistance(Report of Achievement). The EU gave this money to Member States who are having the hardest time with dealing the migrants. This would help smaller countries, like Luxembourg, to manage the refugee crisis. Also, the Luxembourg presidency implemented the European Agenda on Migration to focus on the issue of migration within and outside the European Union (Report of the Achievement). This crisis is not just a European issue and by talking with other countries, like Turkey, a better system can be created to help the refugees and the people affected by the refugees. The refugee crisis is still an ongoing problem and the Luxembourg presidency was the first to take action on the situation. In
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