Eudora Welty: Her Life And Her Works Essay

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Eudora Welty: Her Life and Her Works

Eudora Welty's writing style and us of theme and setting aided her in becoming one of the greatest writers of all time. Welty credits her family for her success. "Without the love and belief my family gave me, I could not have become a writer to begin with" (Welty, IX). Eudora Welty's writings are light- hearted and realistic. Her stories explore common everyday life.
     Eudora Welty was born in Jackson, Mississippi, on April 13, 1909. She was an observant child. She was fascinated by sounds and sights, human voices and the changing of seasons. Welty's happy childhood and serene life is reflected in her fiction.
     Eudora Welty's ability
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Through some intensity I had come almost into a dual life, as observer and dreamer"(Welty, 76). The young girls ability to see reality is overtaken by her fantasy of her crush. The child blindly stares about her; she sees the other bathers partially in a dreamlike state. Welty's ability to change from fantasy to reality and past to present is called a confluence. She uses this technique in this story as well as in many others.
     In the short story "Lily Daw and the Three Ladies," Lily Daw is a mentally unstable girl. Three women of the town decide to enroll her in the
Ellisville Institute for the feeble minded of Mississippi. The characters in the story speak as though the story were a stage play. Through this style a lot is learned about the three women and their personalities.
     The character Lilt Daw has had a rough childhood. The three women seem to act as her guardians.. Lily tells them that she is getting married but they do not believe her. They convince her that it is best if she goes to the institute. After Lily has boarded the train to go to Ellisville Institute, one of the women meet the man who is supposed to marry Lily. The woman who is shocked that this gentleman exists, runs to the train to get Lily. The other two women emerge from the train to meet the gentleman. In all of the commotion one cannot be

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