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Eudora Welty's The Little Store Eudora Welty, the author of 'The Little Store,' is also the narrator in her story. Upon looking back at her childhood, Eudora realized she was a creative little girl who liked to read and to write. She had the naivety of a child. The town where I was born is only 150 miles from where Eudora was raised in Jackson, Mississippi. Therefore, I really enjoyed this story because I really felt like I could relate to it. West Point, where I was born, resembles Jackson a great deal. We had a little store that was in town and we always felt safe to walk there alone. We also knew everyone on the block, just as Eudora did. Eudora's mother never had to go to the grocery store. Everything that she needed…show more content…
?If chinaberries had fallen and rolled in the cracks, it was like skating through a whole shooting match of marbles? (79). Eudora and Lindsey had the flu at the same time during the flu epidemic. An example of Eudora?s childish nature is when she thought, ?I got the idea that a choice was going to be made soon between poor little Lindsey and poor Eudora? (79). After her adventure to The Little Store, she would walk in and just be overwhelmed by the shelves that went to the ceilings, so full of items to buy. Eudora described the difficulty of remembering due to all the items in the store, ?It was up to you to remember what you came for? (80). There would always be an extra nickel left over, and with it Eudora could buy whatever she wanted. She smelled licorice, dill-pickle brine, ammonia-loaded ice, and possibly she would smell mice. Eudora would sometimes get a box of Cracker Jacks with her extra money; and I think it was for the prize. If it were hot, she got a cold drink instead. Mr. Sessions would hand her the drink of her choice and next was when she got weighed on the scale in the store. Then, she was off for her adventure home. On the way home, there was always a ?long way? to get back. Also on the way back, there was a sewer that Eudora?s brothers went down. Eudora was afraid, so she did not like to take that route often. She liked to read and thought that when she took that route she was, ?Persephone entering into my six-month sojourn
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