Eugene De Rasignac. Throughout History, It Has Been Tough

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Eugene De Rasignac

Throughout history, it has been tough and at times extremely difficult to change social classes. Those born into poverty tend to remain in the lower class as peasants, and the elite or upper class managed to stay in the hands wealthy. However, there have always been special individuals that overcame this anonymity rose to fame. In Balzac’s novel, Pere Goriot, Eugene Rasignac uses the pursuit of wealth and the upper class to show how the wealthier characters become the harsher they treat other people through his journey of trying to become a wealthy elite in the city Paris.
In the novel Pere Goriot, the author, Balzac creates a high class Paris society that is constructed on external appearances by establishing a
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Furthermore, Eugene meets Delphine De Nucingen at the Paris opera, which she only caught his eye because of her wealthy physical appearance. Here, love becomes another material object or a tool operated to get ahead in Paris. As Eugene explores greater into the toxic world of the upper class, becoming a part of that Paris society, he becomes more and more caught up in that life. Still, Eugene quickly realizes how important physical appearance is and how it reflects what social class people are in. At this time, Rastignac writes to his family and gets them to send him money so he can buy himself clothes, appropriate for attending the upper-class events. Then, he comes a visit to Delphine to tell her that Madame De Beauséant wants to invite Delphine to her party. Now, he looks back and states, “ Relishing the material advantages conferred by fortune, as he had for so long enjoyed the moral advantages conferred by his birth”(Balzac, 169). Also, Eugene is accepted as part of high-class society after he gambles and wins a lot of money. "He gambled heavily, losing and winning large sums of money. In almost no time he had adopted all the expensive habits of the fashionable young man-about-town" (Balzac, 159). Eugene is obviously pleased with how his intelligence put him in the high-class status of Paris society and he does not seem worry about anything else but him.
Never the less, everything seems to be going great, in Eugene`s life, until the name of Pere Goriot

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