Eugene T. D ' Ablemont Practiced Law For Over Forty Years At The Firm

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Eugene T. D’Ablemont practiced law for over forty years at the firm of Kelley Drye & Warren, LLP located in New York. The firm employs more than three hundred attorneys. Mr. D’Ablemont was a partner at the firm specializing in representing management regarding labor law issues of all types. He generally acted as a lead negotiator in relation to the healthcare, television, and automotive industry for labor arbitration. In 2000 Mr. D’Ablemont turned seventy years of age. Normally, he would receive an end of year bonus but, did not since he reached seventy. Subsequently, he wrote a letter in December 2000 to Kelley Drye & Warren’s chairman John Callagy, in reference to the end of the year bonus, which he felt he was entitled to. When Mr.…show more content…
Generally speaking, both parties reached level one in Parker’s triangle, since each were aware of the differences causing the conflict. Mr. D’Ablemont as well as Kelley Drye & Warren, experienced discomfort when neither side could agree or compromise. Since a level of satisfaction could not be obtained, both parties may have experienced annoyance and irritation. Heightened tension seemed to arise once Mr. D’Ablemont filed an internal complaint. Mr. D’Ablemont became frustrated when Kelley Drye & Warren ignored his repeated requests for compensation. An open disagreement transpired when Mr. D’Ablemont filed a lawsuit with the EEOC, after the firm reduced his annual bonus by two-thirds. Afterwards, conflict/war erupted during the court hearings. Mr. D’Ablemont ultimately won his lawsuit, which cited age discrimination. Finally, in April 2010, the U.S. District Court Southern District of New York concluded that their judgement in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v Kelley Drye & Warren LLP, regarding whether or not improper methods were utilized, citing age discrimination as the basis. The lawsuit including the judgement against the firm, proved to be paramount for countless reasons, since it established a precedent in reference to age discrimination in the workplace. In other words, Eugene T. D’Ablemont was a hard working successful attorney who showed that he was capable of

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