Eugene's Monologue

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Eugene’s Mom’s Monologue I was a productive woman, and I wanted people to see it in me. I wanted them to see it in the way I walked. I wanted them to see it in the way I talked. I wanted them to see it in the way I worked late every night to make my patients, and the world, a healthier, better place. Most importantly, though, my productivity was expressed in the way that I raised my boy. I wanted Eugene to be as perfect as I was, and I worked my hardest to keep all distractions from him. Still, he always managed to slide his face into the pages of his books every chance he got. I didn’t see the point in it. He had the top marks out of everyone in his class, so what was the point in reading books that didn’t improve his grades? I didn’t…show more content…
To study.” She thrust out her books, immediately repealed the action, and turned as red as a tomato. “You live there?” I said pointing to El Building. It was looked hideous and was covered in dirt and rust. It looked like a prison. “Yes. I do,” said the girl looked down at her hands. “I don’t know how you people do it.” I said trying to hide my disgust. “Listen. Honey. Eugene doesn’t want to study with you.” She looked down at her shoes. I continued, knowing that she processed my words: “He is a smart boy. He doesn’t need help. You understand me? I am truly sorry if he told you you could come over. He cannot study with you It 's nothing personal. You understand? We won’t be in this place much longer, no need for him to get close to people--it’ll just make it harder for him later.” The girl slowly nodded her head and turned away. “Run back home now.” She stood there, unmoving. “What’s wrong? Didn’t you hear what I said?” The girl walked slowly, dragging her feet as she left. I closed the door and started to walk to Eugene’s room, my mind buzzing with purpose. I wrenched open his door and ripped the book he had been reading out of his hand. He looked at it in longing, and then at me in fear. “Who is that girl?” “What girl?” “The one you were with at the library.” Alarm showed on his face, but he tried to hide it. I’d caught him. He sighed. “She’s just a friend from school.” “Well I hope you know that you won’t be seeing her again. If this nonsense keeps up, I
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