Eugenics : An Unorthodox Twist

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Tejes Gaertner

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Eugenics: Science with an unorthodox twist
Historical Paper
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Modern day eugenics has the ability to fix faulty characteristics such as baldness, height, and genetic diseases. On the other hand, eugenics has the possibility of defining a person’s value based on heredity. The term Eugenics derives from the Greek word eu meaning good and well, and genos meaning offspring (Modern Eugenics). The ideas rooted in this paradigm have been intertwined in positive and negative events in history. Conventional eugenics (or selective breeding) has been used on plants and animals for thousands of years to yield a more desirable product. Modern day eugenics originates with Francis Dalton who borrowed form Charles Darwin’s work on natural selection to suggest that detrimental behaviors such as Alcoholism and criminal activity were a result of heredity. Although humans have explored eugenics as a way to improve their species, destructive cultures have encountered scientific knowledge, and exchanged ideas about exterminating the weak in order to create a better species. An early example of people improving species through selection is the domestication of animals. Animals were used for hunting, warning systems against predators, and companionship (History of Eugenics). Humans wanted powerful animals that could protect their owner, and help produce food and clothing. Humans recognized that the fittest animal comes from the

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