Eugenics And Its Impact On Human Life

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Modern medicine today has made incredible advancements into extending human lives. With these developments we are able to fight off certain fatal diseases, provide cures for what seems incurable and expand the human lifespan. In recent years, however, medicine has taken wrong turns in the struggle to cure and prevent disease. Eugenics is a practice that many seem to believe is a road that should not have been explored. Eugenics is the scientific deal of improving human reproduction of genetic specifications of a particular race or breed. Positive Eugenics is relative to those who seem the most able and healthy with little to no history of medical abnormalities. The negative practice centers on manipulating those who are considered genetically weak in society, coercing these individuals to believe they are unfit for having children. Eugenicists believed that this practice would help to eliminate any hereditary dysfunctions that a person carries and inhibit the passing on of what is considered to be harmful traits. Many people in this movement relied on the idea of sterilization being the way to relieve society of harmful disorders that they specified was unfit. The state of North Carolina has played a significant role in this practice of sterilization which leads others to discuss the legal and ethical standards for decision making that vary state to state. Is it inhumane for health professional to make medical decisions for those believed unfit for society? Because of the
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