Eugenics And The Eugenics Movement

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“Hell is a road that was paved with good intentions”; this cliché quintessentially describes the eugenics movement. Eugenics is the controlled reproduction of individuals; the main focus is to isolate “good” genes from “bad” genes (Dolan DNA Learning Center). The primary goal of Eugenics is to create a higher quality human race and became the center of which the twentieth century orbited around (Dolan DNA Learning Center). The movement swayed numerous significant policies, which were implemented within the United States, ranging from immigration to sterilization (Selden). What is truly unsettling is the extremist nature of the eugenics movement, which was originally founded with good intentions by Francis Galton (Carlson). The Eugenics movement made headway owing to the fact that America was frantic for a solution to social problems and believed that this scientific approach was the solution it yearned for; this is evident from the origin, purpose, supporters and policies that resulted from eugenics. Eugenics is a taboo science, but back in 1883 it was a modern advancement, discovered by Francis Galton (Carlson). Galton’s original mission was to improve humanity by encouraging the best and healthiest couples to simply have more children; Galton created positive eugenics (Carlson). However, with the positive comes the inevitable negative. Negative Eugenics was more set on preventing the least able from reproducing, in order to preserve the fitness of the human race through

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