Eugenics: Breeding and Improving Human Genetics Essay

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I support the guidelines outlined by Kitcher for the use of genetic information because of their responsible and ethical nature. I believe that future generations will benefit as a direct consequence of these guidelines. I shall begin by defining eugenics as the study of human genetics to improve inherited characteristics of the human race by the means of controlled selective breeding. Chapter 8 of Kitcher's novel, Inescapable Eugenics, identifies past abuses of eugenics resulting from inaccurate, misleading information; abuses that include dominant groups using eugenics to discriminate against other undesirable groups. In 1933, the Nazi's exercised eugenics as a direct way to rid individuals who were portrayed as "unfit" or…show more content…
By the conditions above, Kitcher states one main precondition. This precondition is the ability to form a sense of self in order to set one's own personal values and to also take course of ones future path of life . In Kitcher's point of view, the use of genetic information concerning embryos or fetuses is permissible if and only if Fragile X, Lesch-Nyhan, neurofibromatosis, and other similar severe syndromes prevent even a modest quality of life . Under these circumstances, Kitcher justifies the need for the use of genetic information to restore the ability to attain a decent quality of life and to have the ability to satisfy desires that individual's value. Kitcher rejects relying on objective science, a science that sometimes falsely labels diseases according to society views and biases. For example, masturbation and homosexuality were falsely labeled as disorders. The outcomes of objective science are unreliable and bring about social prejudices instead of promoting health and life . A moral justification for genetic treatment is only as accurate as the justification of disease. In the realms of objective science and the use of genetic testing, Kitcher argues that the basis for terminating a pregnancy due to a severe syndrome can also lead to the basis for termination due to an undesired sex or possibly even homosexuality. Ultimately, Kitcher supports only a minimalist approach to the use of

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