Eugenics History

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Eugenics is the science of improving human population by controlling breeding. Eugenics principles have been used since ancient rome and greece ever since plato suggested selective mating to produce a guardian class . Modern Eugenic began in the early 20th century in the united kingdom It then spread to the united states and most of europe . It was started by Sir Francis Galton after his cousin charles darwin published “The origin of species” in 1859 on evolutionary biology he wanted to explain the development of plants and animals and apply it to humans. Francis galton started researching the first chapter on “Variation under Domestication” (animal breeding).Francis Galton dedicated his research to variation in human population. Charles darwin’s phrase “survival of the fittest” originated from darwin's evolutionary theory as…show more content…
Darwin disagreed with his interpretation of his book . In 1883 after charles darwin's death francis galton invented the term Eugenics meaning well born. In the early 1900s Eugenics became an academic discipline at colleges and universities and received funding from many places. Organisations started to try win support from the public and change opinions on Eugenics including the British eugenics education society in 1907 and the american eugenics society in 1921. .At the time meany country adopted eugenic policies meant to improve the genetic stock of their country's population by encouraging the higher class people with inheritable desirable traits to reproduce this is positive eugenics. Negative Eugenics is improving the human race by eliminating or excluding people that are deemed unfit . Eugenics is the idea that only the “fit” can reproduce and the people that were deemed unfit should be sterilized. People deemed unfit would usually have mental or physical disabilities. Also people from disfavored minority groups and criminals were deemed unfit to
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