Eugenics Within The United States

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Eugenics within South America
Social injustice or inequality would have thought to have been a thing of the past. Yet, there are some countries who still practice this in a form called eugenics. Eugenics is “the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding” in order to achieve the social hierarchy said country desires (The Definition of Eugenics). As extreme and of the past as this sounds, this action is happening all over the world and even right under the United States nose. South America is still practicing eugenics in today’s society and enforces it through many means. It is unfortunate that social injustice along with eugenics is still a problem and not many people know about it. Many parallels can be drawn from the late twentieth century/ modern day South America to that of the Jim Crowe era within the United States. The eugenics that are taking place in South America are they drive for lighter skin citizens while disregarding those who have darker skin. This “disregarding” comes from fewer opportunities within the education system and jobs. This not a new thing however, social injustice has been dating back since colonial times and has continued to the present. Eugenics in South America is a problem in today’s society and should be addressed in a global matter to expect a change.
Inequality can be seen from the very beginning when European settlers fist landed on South America’s shores. Although it is noted Portuguese settlers are well known to be…
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