Eugenides: The Unecided Role Of Women

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Eugenides relies on the model of immigration, specifically Desdemona and Lefty’s story, to develop the idea that race is a social construct. In the same way, authors like Simone Debeauvoir and Judith Butler, have come to the conclusion that women and being a women, isn’t a real thing according to society. In Simone DeBeauvoir’s “The Second Sex”, she talks about how “Woman is lost” and how “It is hard to know if women still exist, if they will always exist, if there should be woman at all...” and “...what place they hold in this world…”(pg. 23) Similar to race being a product of society, the ideas of what it takes to be a woman, and if women are really existent, they have an undecided role in the general public. Society creates their own picture
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