Eugenio Montale's Life

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The poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson, once stated, “when it is dark enough, you can see the stars.” Throughout his literature, Eugenio Montale displays his hardships, but also shows us how he overcomes these difficulties and becomes a better person. Montale was one of the most perceptive and varied Italian poets of his century. His first poem, “The Eel”, is from his earlier collections and his other three poems are “The Dead”, “Little Testament”, and “The Prisoner’s Dream.” Most of his poems were written during the second World War and some were published during the Cold War. In these poems, Eugenio Montale often describes different aspects of nature throughout his literature, so that he can express the different aspects of his life. Montale used…show more content…
In addition to that statement, the current from the river can also be viewed as the antagonist in the poem, whilst the eel is the protagonist. Another way the author connects his life experiences through the poem, is through the eel itself. Throughout the poem, the eel is struggling through the current slowly and carefully, “snaking deeper and deeper in the rock core of slab ledge.”(Montale 446). In the same way, the author is struggling through his life slowly and carefully just like the eel in his poem, “The Eel”. At the end of his poem, the author describes how the eel makes out a bright light after it is done struggling, “one day, light, exploding, blazes from the chestnut trees.” This quote can be compared to how the author views his situation in life. He was in a poor situation, but he withstood it and found a way out at the very end. In addition to using the river from “The Eel”, he uses aspects of the ocean to represent aspects in his

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