Eulogy For Father Analysis

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My father died from a motorcycle crash on June 17th, 2011. I was 13 years old, the summer before 8th grade. It was an absolute tragedy and it will always remain as one of the biggest heart breaks of my life. I smile now thinking about him but late at night, if I think about him too much, I still cry. I am not telling you this for you to feel sorry for me but for you to understand that I took this tragedy and used it to fuel my determination to be better. This was a dark period in my life but I came out of it, I moved forward and, though I will never forget, I didn't let it stunt my growth as a person.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about that may help us evaluate your nomination (i.e., personal characteristics, obstacles you have overcome)?

My mother has always worked and I’ve always had a home to call my own so my life has never been
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I must have cried here and there but not to the loud obvious sobbing my sister and mother did. People were concerned about me, handing my mother child psychologist business cards. I started showing emotion then, making all the right remarks at the same time so I appeared normal. So I didn’t concern my mother. I started a facade all for her while burying me true feeling deep down in an unreachable place. I can’t worry mother. Day in and day out it was my one constant thought. She was mourning constantly for months that I felt if I added any of my own real emotion she would break so I bottled it up constantly. It wasn’t healthy, I know that now. The only way I thought I could ever truly feel again is if I wrote suicide notes, so I did. Words had always been my friend so it made sense and it did make me feel something, not happiness but something and I craved feeling. I didn’t cut myself or actually try anything even if I wanted to because that would cause worry for my mother. I can’t worry
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