Eulogy For Jesus

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When I think of the goodness of Jesus of Jesus, and all He has done for me, my very soul cries out Halleluiah, praise God for saving me.
Today, I want the world to know, I am not ashamed to say, that it is because of You Lord, I live and have my being.

I thank my mama so much for telling me about the love of Jesus. I want to especially thank you Gledy and Loretta, for telling me about Salvation and inviting me to Philadelphia on 10 streets Sinkor, where I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior.
I especially want to say thanks to Archbishop Joel Laurore, for building the foundation of the Word of God in me, and Bishop Darlingston Johnson and Pastor Nat Friday, for sharing the Word of God in such a profound manner, that kept us grounded and
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So if you asked me today, what are some of the things you have learned and still learning? I would say to you,
1. Never keep and offense, always forgive;
2. Love God with all your heart and soul;
3. Understanding what Jesus did on the Cross for us, and hold fast unto it;
4. Pray without ceasing, pray, pray, pray;
5. Read your Word and study, study, study;
6. Love others with the love of Jesus;
7. I am also learning, people will hurt, and say all manner of evil things about and 95%, they are all wrong about you, but forgive them anyway, and focus on the most important person in your life, and that is Jesus.
8. Pray for your children, pray for your families, pray for your country, pray for those in authority, and pray for those who really hurt you.

Thanks to all who’s writing on my page to wish me Happy Birthday today.
May the Grace of God cover you, may He add more years to you with good health, may He protect you from harm, and may He bless your children and answer their prayers. May you walk into your destiny of blessings God assigned for you, and may you enjoy the ride in good health. God bless
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