Eulogy Of Man

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One day my mother brought home a chandelier from a local store to be hanged in the dining room. My entire family disapproved of the style of the light fixture but my mother liked it so that is all that matters, her opinion trumps all. Originally my father was supposed to take down the old one that was still hanging and put up the new one, but he could not find the time to get it done so that meant the responsibility fell to me. Although I am the youngest of four by six years I am the only boy, so when my dad is not around I am the man of the house. This is new to me because that right only came as I became a teenager. My father taught me how to fix a light switch and a toilet, how to change a tire and replace brake pads, and any other thing he thinks that a teenage boy should know, but he has does it in a very unique way. Anytime my father wants to teach me something he’ll show me once, if that, and then he will throw away the…show more content…
It took me a half hour to just take off the chandelier and putting together the new one took even longer. I had to cut the wires to the exact length and splice them to connect them with the wiring for the house. Once it was put together I had my mother, who had come by to watch me finish, turn on the light. A bright flash accompanied by a loud pop right next to my head made me fall off the chair I was standing on to the floor. I was too prideful to tell my dad I could not get the light to turn on so I had to sit there and think about why the light would not turn on. Eventually I realized that the fuse to the dining room popped and I had to to the basement to turn it back on. When I went back upstairs I turned on the light and the room was filled with light, a reflection of my hard work. When my dad finally got home he was surprised I had put the light up and told me that doing a job like this was a sign of becoming a
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