Eulogy That Changed My Life

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Rushing to the hospital on a Friday night, I saw a blurred vision, felt dizziness as I saw a shot of IV in my forearm. I saw my mother tears rolling down her cheeks but I told her I will be okay. I was in the emergency room and the doctor asked me various of questions about my health, “Do you smoke? Do drugs? Any sexual activity?” I answered, “No.” The doctors informed to see my family physician for further test. I was not ready for the tests because they could read my future health and change my life.

I felt better and the next day I entered my family physician office. I saw my doctor with a smile because I never go to the doctor because I am always healthy. He asks me about the fainting and I answered, “ It happened so fast as I got
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I follow the whispers and saw my mother in tears again. She told me that I have a heart condition but not fatal. I walked away and said nothing. The doctor 's hunch was right, no wonder why they are professionals. I heard my mother sniffling because she lost her younger brother because of a heart attack. He was 23 years old and his heart mysteriously stopped. I started to question myself if I was next, was this my destiny? I repeated the same questions over and over. I couldn’t imagine my mother burying my uncle but burying her own son will kill her.

I went to see a cardiologist and the room was full of family and I felt pressured. I stood quiet as the doctor asked my mother various questions about my family history but never about me. They put wires on my chest for an ECG or the electrocardiogram. I was naked front of my family. I was embarrassed but grateful for their support. I can see the readings for the ECG and the doctor told me my heart was pumping normal but I didn’t feel normal. I felt like test rat because of the machines they put me on but it was amazing what it does. He drew a image of my heart and showed me that I had fused chambers in my tricuspid valve. It looks like a the peace sign but instead of three chambers, I have two. I asked if it’s dangerous and he said not likely but it will be difficult to pump blood throughout your body because I am tall.Additional, it creates backflow and blood
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