Eunice Assibu. Social Research Methods (Soc-305-90). Quantitative

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Eunice Assibu Social Research Methods (SOC-305-90) Quantitative V Qualitative May 13, 2017 Comparison of Qualitative and Quantitative Methods There are different ways in which researcher defines quantitative and qualitative research. Quantitative research is a social research that uses experimental methods, questionnaires, numerical data and explains observations usually in tables or charts from. Quantitative research can define the relationship between two or more studies. With a quantitative research, explaining the data collected and its statistical result is very important as well as recording any unexpected events that occurred during the data collection. Also, providing a very detailed description of the statics and referring back…show more content…
Often the statistician must choose between methods, a subjective process…in commercial practice, he is about as unlikely to select an unfavorable method as a copywriter is call his sponsor’s product flimsy and cheap when he might well say light and economical” (109). He says it’s advisable to accept claims of statistic and look for bias and find out “who says so” (111). Ensuring that findings are not misleading, don’t state facts without explaining it. Qualitative research generates information that is very detailed and or originality. It is done in a normal social setting and gets to a better understanding of participants. The method used to collect data is by observation from interviews. Qualitative research is usually criticized for lacking scientific demands. Qualitative research involves personal experience and usually, researchers get a close relationship with participants and become friends. Due to this, empathy gets involved. Have to be understanding without judgment, show respect and pay attention usually nodding your head give the participant the idea that you’re in sync with them. When conducting a qualitative research, it is important to ask yourself why you are doing this research and what message you want to get across, but do not predict any outcomes. Also discuss the method used to contact the research and what was used, what were some of the obstacles, how would the

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