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Case study 1: Bhutan and Gross National Happiness Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger Target 1: Launch programs aimed at providing poverty and income relief through temporary work for the unemployed to carry out socially useful activities. Target 2: To create job opportunities for the unemployed by the year 2020. Target 3: Providing unemployed citizen with the necessary skills to practice farming. This will ensure that these citizens can financially provide for their families by selling their crops and livestock. This will also provide food for their families. Goal 2: Achieve Universal Primary Education Target 1: Ensure that children, youth and adults have access to some form of educational institution and skills…show more content…
It requires early access to and more regular utilisation of existing services and the extension of health care into the community and home. Goal 5: Improve Maternal Health. Target 1: Pregnant women should be informed, screened and appropriately managed for diseases, including HIV, STIs, tuberculosis, pneumonia etc. Target 2: There should be standardised protocols to manage the important causes of maternal deaths. Doctors and midwives should be trained to use these protocols. Target 3: Training in practical obstetrical and surgical skills should be imparted to all health professionals working in maternity units. Anaesthesia skills must be improved, especially at level one hospitals. Goal 6: Develop a Global Partnership for Development. Target 1: To develop further an open, rule-based trading and financial system, address the special needs of least developed countries Target 2: Provide access to affordable essential medicines, and increase access to new technologies. Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability. Target 1: To improve access to water and sanitation, South Africa as a country must concentrate on efforts in rural areas and low-income groups, as urban–rural income disparities in access are holding back progress. Target 2: A lot of what we throw away actually has value. Aluminium cans are made of a valuable non-renewable resource that has

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