Euphemism In Communication

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My intent of this essay is to describe the six major barriers that impact of influence effective business communications. Actually, those barriers are more likely to be known as cliché, jargon, slang, sexist and racist language, euphemisms and doublespeak, which may alter the interpretation of messages as well as subject of relevance, and therefore create sometime a lack of attention and unneeded contradiction among commutators.

What is Cliché? According to Random House Dictionary, Cliché is: “a trite,

stereotyped expression; a sentence or phrase, usually expressing a popular or common

thought or idea, that has lost originality, ingenuity, and impact by long overuse, as

adder but wiser, or strong as an ox.”. it can be considered as
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Furthermore, it euphemism is

used to be vague and controversy, which is allowed or appreciated in a business world.

According to the site, euphemism is: “The substitution of a mild,

indirect, or vague expression for one thought to be offensive, harsh, or blunt.”

Sexist and racist language is in almost all the cases they occur have for to offense

people by using verbal attack. I remember that Haiti soccer team had to play with

Jamaica soccer team. It happened that the Jamaican did not want to play match

because of racism. They have said my filthy word against the Haitian. And at last, the

match was postponed.

Double speak, is a distortion, and switching of words, to make it sound more pleasant

and less negative. Doublespeak is defined as: “Evasive, ambiguous language that is

intended to deceive or confuse.” ( The car makers across the country

trying to salvage the reputation of a used car industry, introduced the term “certified

pre-owned”, which supposed to mean that the vehicle underwent technical
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It is a term or terminology

used in specialized language and it understood by people who are part of that

specialization. According to the, jargon is “The language, especially the

vocabulary, peculiar to a particular trade, profession, or group. Unintelligible or

meaningless talk or writing. Any talk or writing that one does not understand.” For

example, students in computer science always use words in abbreviation. One of the

words that they always use in “IT”. I usually use it and as a result, No one understands

what I am trying to say unless you are a student majoring in computer science or knew

it before.

To conclude, when we use any of those aforementioned barriers in communication and especially in business we can lots of things such as : damaged relationships, conflicts, unclear requirements and or missed opportunities. These results are counter-productive and create inefficiencies to business operations. As such, they do not have a place or use in business communications.


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