Euphemism In The Giver, A Novel By Lois Lowry

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The Giver is a novel by Lois Lowry, written and published in 1993. The Giver is

not her first novel, she has written many other children’s fiction and is well known for

her stories about Anastasia Krupnik – funny stories that have been hugely popular with

young readers since the first one was published in 1979. She has been writing children’s

fiction for a long time now, but she was herself unaware of the fact that The Giver will

not be considered as the children’s book rather, a young adult or adult fiction. The Giver

was one of the earliest novels of Lois Lowry which has been set up in a totalitarian

community, and has controlled even the memories of people.

The Giver revolves around the community which has the concept of Sameness.
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Upon the desire for creating a utopian society, the Committee of Eldershas

clouded the meanings of words is throughvarious used euphemisms in their language and

the author has represented these euphemisms skillfully to lighten the reality of society.

The vocabulary had to be regulated for the smooth functioning of the community and that

notion of trust, Elders cannot make mistake shall never be broken. Euphemisms are when

one wants to use a milder word or phrase in place of a harsher or blunt word while

referring to something unpleasant or undesirable. There are many examples of

euphemisms in this novel. The word Released has been used to cover the trauma of death.

For Jonas before knowing the actual meaning of Released, he believed that people who

were Released were sent to Elsewhere, Elsewhere be also a euphemism used to display


the life after Release. It was very shocking for him to know the truth of being Released

into Elsewhere because he considered it to be joyful occasion but, was unaware that

people were killed in the name of being Released. The community did not want to

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