Euphemisms are Important to Communication in Politics

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Unemployed. Collateral damage. These phrases are euphemisms used to give light to a situation or some may say they are just more “politically correct”.A euphemism takes place of a dissimilar word or phrase that gives off a negative meaning. Even though euphemisms can add vagueness to a statement, they are important because they are used to soften expressions in areas of political, culture, and religious backgrounds. Euphemism is a very important form of communication for politics. Beating around the bush and never quite answering the questions, politics often use euphemisms as a tool of distraction or way to cover the truth. The Government often hide the truth with euphemisms to manipulate the standardized society we live in. In contrary politicians uses euphemisms to convince his or her audience their political beliefs, and how they would be important to the audience. This allows them to gear voters towards certains topics that they feel are political cause for action. Politicians sometimes use this language device in a not so positive way. They use euphemisms as a tool for dodging, a way to avoid subjects that should be discussed. Therefore that don't have to face the truths. For example, during the term of former president George Bush used the phrase "collateral damage” to describe the civilian death ratio. Third word countries are often referred to as “developing countries” or “developing nations”. Politics used phrases like that all the time…
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