Euphoria Research Paper

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Euphoria running through the length of my body instantly after clicking buy. I could not believe, that in a few months I will be traveling, with my younger brother to the old continent. This was the first time we took a trip to another place other than Mexico. This made me feel nervous and excited about the unknown. The entire trip was exciting, from the departure to the connecting flights, our stay in Madrid and our dreaded returning flight back home. Our journey began on a cold Monday morning. We were flying from John Wayne Airport. From John Wayne we flew to O’hare international. Where we only had fifty minutes to find the next flight. Luckily, the next plane, we had to board was in the same terminal, which gave us enough time to use the…show more content…
At last at around eight in the morning we landed in Madrid. The first thing we had to was to go through customs which only took about five minutes. The coolest part was that we got our first visa stamps on the blank pages of our passports. After going to customs we went to go figure out the route of the line of the metro he had to take. As soon as we figured out which route we needed to take we started headed towards the metro not realizing how the weather was since we have not been outside, since the previous day at John Wayne Airport. Furthermore, during the ride in the metro, reality began to hit me while listening to the different accent the Spanish I heard. Which is an entirely different accent from what I am used to hearing in Southern California. It went from guey to chaval or tio which has similar meaning of friend. In addition, while noting the differences of accents, I went on my phone to check what I directions wrote the night before the flight. When I began to read the directions I had no idea what I was looking at. I felt disoriented trying to decipher the words on my phone, which felt like I was trying to read in Russian. Luckily, in the metro there are maps to help people figure out where they need to go. We got off on the next stop to try to…show more content…
by that time we were starving and we could not check in to our hotel until 2 p.m. Being in the center of Madrid we were surrounded by many restaurants so we had it easy. We stepped into a warm and cozy restaurants where we ordered what we should what any good American should order a satisfying and fulfilling American meal, a hamburger with a beer. We were at the restaurant for approximately an hour taking our time finishing our hamburger. Afterwards, we went to a park which was in front of our hotel, we only stayed there for an hour. One thing that was holding us back was that we were carrying our backpacks, which were light, but that day it seemed like they weighed twice as heavy. We could have left our backpacks at the hotel prior to our check in, but we were cautious about leaving our luggage due to theft. Instead, we took our backpacks with us, while we went of exploring the center of Madrid. We went walking even though we had no sense of direction. The reason was to waste time walking and seeing new sights as our bodies weaken and our eyelids began to anchor down. Of course we had to come back to really appreciate the sights better when we were rested. Finally it was time to check in to our hotel and rest for a while. We checked in at exactly 2 p.m. at we were finally going to give our bodies the proper rest that our bodies had been deprived from. As soon as we set foot in our room with the last bit of energy
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