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Eureka College
Informal Communication
Eureka College’s lines of communication have increased in a positive way over the last year, I believe that’s due to the new leadership in the college of communication role. Eureka College’s number one system to communicate for any crisis on campus we use RAVE. This systems alerts everyone who is in the college’s system. Eureka College use to have three different emailing systems that went out over the course of a week, having three different types of emailing systems became very overwhelming. Now there is just “College of Communications and the Re Devil Report.” These two emailing systems provide information from new hires, organization updates, community information, higher education information, spotlight on someone, games, updates, and anything else important. Vice President Dr. Jamel San Cruz Bell is in charge of all internal and external communications that are campus wide messages. Only certain staff and faculty members are allowed to send mass emails to others on campus. Those people are usually:
1. Rave (Dr. Bell submits)
2. President
3. Vice President’s ( still have to get an approval from Dr. Bell)
4. Presidents secretary (still have to get an approval from Dr. Bell)
5. Division Chairs
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If someone has been hired it is the direct reports responsibility to notify the direct department of the hirer. Then there is a mass email that goes out campus wide, following the College of Communication or Red Devil report will add a post about the individual, along with a picture and their history. When there is a fire the direct report communicates that information to the direct department first. Then the Presidents executive staff that overseas that direct area will send out an email thanking that person for their services and that there will be a goodbye reception or that person if they
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