Eureka Phenomenon Essay

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There are many times when one sits for long periods thinking and trying to find solutions to their issues, be it in mathematics, or in relationships, or even in challenging games. Often, however, the answer to the question is found not by deliberately looking for the solution, but while doing leisurely activities and seeing or hearing something that makes them realize the answer to their problem. Isaac Asimov goes into detail about this experience in his essay “The Eureka Phenomenon” which can also be observed in the film Zootopia, directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore. Asimov takes on a decidedly alternative method to solving problematic situations. In his essay, he is emphatic that thinking too hard for too long about our concerns will…show more content…
One of these is after Judy and Nick have a confrontation with a jaguar who was affected by the night howler poison and attacks them. They call the police chief after trapping the Jaguar but by the time they got back to the area where he was trapped, he has disappeared. Following this Judy and Nick begin to bond when he shares a story from his past, and Nick jokingly plays the part of a news anchor covering traffic when he comes to the realization that anything that happened to the jaguar would have been caught on camera. “Boy, look at that traffic down there. How about we go up to Chuck in traffic central? Chuck, how are things looking on the jam-cams?” (Zootopia). Judy ignores him and expresses her appreciation of him opening up to her. Suddenly it clicks in Nick’s head that the jam-cams film all the roadways and mentions to Judy, “There are traffic cams everywhere, all over the canopy! Whatever happened to that jaguar…?” She finishes his sentence for him by saying, “The traffic cams would have caught it!” This revelation ends up leading Nick and Judy to where all the missing predators are being held
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