Euripides' Medea Essay

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Euripides' Medea

Medea is the tragic tale of a woman scorned. It was written in
431 B.C. by the Greek playwright, Euripides. Eruipides was the first Greek poet to suffer the fate of so many of the great modern writers: rejected by most of his contemporaries (he rarely won first prize and was the favorite target for the scurrilous humor of the comic poets), he was universally admired and revered by the Greeks of the centuries that followed his death('Norton Anthology';). Euripides showed his interest in psychology in his many understanding portraits of women ('World
Book';). Euripides choice of women support characters such as the nurse and the chorus is imperative to the magnification of
Medea's emotions. The very fact that
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'We women are the most unfortunate creatures.';
(Medea 229)

'A man, when he's tired of the company in his home,
Goes out of the house and puts an end to his boredom
And turns to a friend or companion of his own age.
But we are forced to keep our eyes on one alone.';
(Medea 242-245) Medea's tears soon dry with the thoughts of revenge. After
Kreon grants her one last day before exhile, Medea uses her cleverness to produce plots of revenge.

'... he has given me this one day
To stay here, and in this I will make dead bodies
Of three of my enemies, --father, the girl and my husband.';(Medea 369-379)
Medea never lets societies norms of a female discourage her from doing the justice she sees fit. Weak and submissive are not something she's going to settle for. Medea talking about herself... 'You have the skill. What is more, you were born a woman,
And women, thought most helpless in doing good deeds,
Are of every evil the cleverest of contrivers.';
(Medea 404-406)
Her rage empowers her with liberation and free thought that far surpasses the women of her time. Although the Chorus never adds to Medea's frenzy directly, they add fuel to the fire of the audience and evokes a
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