Euripides ' Portrayal Of Women

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Euripides was one of the most well-known playwrights of ancient Greece. He was known as a modern playwright because he wrote with realism, and had a doubtful way of portraying the gods in his plays. Euripides’s plays had women as the main character because he had a sympathetic way of portraying women. The women were mainly strong and are passionate in their motives for their actions. Although Euripides is well known now, during ancient Greece Euripides wasn’t an appreciated playwright. When there were play performances men would be the audience since women weren’t allowed to take part in or watch the plays. So with the focus of women in his plays, he gave them a voice, which would throw men off, mainly because they would be terrified if their wives did and said the same things. Euripides supplied a philosophical thought to the women he has written about. Euripides was not one for female stereotypes. He gave his female characters realistic reasons for their behavior and while it the female characters’ actions, such as killing her offspring and killing their husbands, is frowned upon in a patriarchal society, it was as if Euripides made a point to have men stop viewing women under a passive light and give more thought on how women’s thoughts. Because Euripides partial understanding of women, he redefines beauty in his female character Helen, and has her viewed as a beautiful woman with good intentions instead of a “bad” woman. The beauty of a woman has an impact on men. In
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