Euro Disney Case Study

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The main problem of the Euro Disney was that all calculations made by Walt Disney Company were based on parks in the USA and Japan considering Europe as a mass of people rather than many countries with different languages and cultures. Americans see theme parks as a destination where you can stay between 4 and 6 days. In Europe, Euro Disney was seen as a part of the experience when traveling to Paris. The cost was also a problem for the park. A night in a hotel inside the park costs as much as a high quality hotel in the French capital. So, given that the park was located 40 minutes by car from Paris, visitors preferred to spend a night in the romantic city of Paris. 1. What do you feel are the five KEY facts presented in the case?

The five key facts of the Euro Disney case are:
• The Project Overview. In 1981, The Walt Disney Company involved different countries in its decision on where to locate Euro Disney. France and Spain were the most seriously considered for the Euro Disney project. The advantage of this project was that it would provide more than 30,000 jobs for the host country. Spain was considered for its pleasant weather and France was thought to be a perfect location because of its central position. In 1987, The Walt Disney Company signed an agreement with the French government to locate the complex in the farming community of Marme-la-Vallee, near the French capital. However, there were concerns about the weather in France, but given the experience with

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