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Euro Disney I found two mission statements for this company one is “to make people happy” and the other one is “we create happiness by providing the finest in entertainment to people of all ages, everywhere” (Strauss, h. n.d.). Each and every employee from maid to the president knows the mission statement. All employees are motivated to create happiness for their guest, and they do everyday. From what I have read and heard, Disney lives up to both of these statements. Euro Disney S.C.A utilizes global work teams to develop solutions on many different company problems. Global teams are a group of top managers from the headquarters and from the international subsidiaries that come together to discuss and solve different…show more content…
In every hotel that is affiliated to Disney, you will find a gift shop, and the Disney characters walking around signing autographs, sitting with families for pictures, and much more. Every gift shop affiliated with Disney has standardized products, and then there are some that have been adapted or molded from other items to make them sell in different markets. Euro Disney bases its decision-making on the parent company of the American Disney which is located in the United States. Euro Disney should focus on finding ways to decentralize they away from the United States and base dealings made especially for France. The hiring process should be professional with skilled trainers done by European specialist to provide the best knowledge possible about tourism, attraction sites along with excellent managerial skills. This will help eradicate managers, and other workers who really do not have knowledge about European cultural needs. This will provide a better understanding if you had Europeans administrating the facilities. Decisions being made are not based on decisions made by Europeans, and this shows the differences of cultures between Euro Disney and the United States. Euro Disney does not stand out, nor have its own identity. “Euro Disney is determinedly American in its theme showing that it is a decentralized based facility” according to (In-Depth

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