Eurochem Case Study

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Part 1 (Environment/Context)

The eurochem case is about Paul Paus, who was sent by Mr. Vandenbergh (the marketing director of the head office in Belgium) from the Eurochem head office in Antwerp to the Chinese head office in order to adapt it to the rest of the world. For this reason Paus decided to change the marketing system to the European standards, which is already working well in Europe and the US. Three month later the Eurochem sales decreased and Li tells Olsen about the emerging problems with the long-term costumers. Therefore Olsen calls Mr. Vandenbergh and later the President of Eurochem to discuss his worries about the new Marketing strategy and Paul with them. At the evening he even talks about the problem
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Olsen told Paul to discuss any changes with Wu before implementing them, but Paul has not listened to him. Moreover Wu asked Paul to visit all the important costumers, because he considers that that is very important in China, but Paul has not found time yet to do it.

This shows that Paul has just not the right characteristics to be a good expatriate. You should have two dimensions as a good expatriate: technical and cross-cultural skills, which must be as good or even better than the technical ones. So Paul has no drive to communicate, because he considers no one has to add something to his new marketing plan and he does not really talk with someone from China about it. Furthermore he has not a very broad-based sociability and not much cultural flexibility, because he tries to apply the head office practices in China without any modification or adaption to the local practice. Additionally he has not really much of cosmopolitan orientation, because he does not value the Chinese culture and its tradition. Aside from that he has not a collaborative negotiation style, because he does not really treat the others like his colleagues, maybe he sees himself even above them, because he is the expert and the only one who knows what to do from his point of view.

So a good expatriate should proceed within four steps. Identification if the need, preparation, optimisation of the mission and then
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