Europe During The Era Of Two World Wars

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Book Review #1 – Europe in the Era of Two World Wars Changes were happening all over Europe between World War I and World War II, and the book Europe in the Era of Two World Wars highlights a lot of them. Volker Berghahn, the author, discusses how violence escalated all across Europe during this time frame. The book digs into the desires and upsets of countries like Germany, Britain, France, and Russia, during war times more than others I have read do. Economies of each country and the escalading violence are the main focuses of the book. In the following review of Berghahn’s work, Europe in the Era of Two World Wars, I will highlight why the author is qualified to write the book, and survey the strengths and weakness of the information he provided. Volker Berghahn is the Emeritus Seth Low Professor of History at Columbia University. He specializes in European-American relations and modern German history. Berghahn has written several books and has received several awards. The awards he has received include the following: Order of Merit, First Class, the Federal Republic of Germany; Helmut-Schmidt Prize of ZEIT Foundation; Honorary Professor at the University of Warwick; Fellow, Royal Historical Society, England; and Fellow, Wissenschaftszentrum, Berlin. His alma maters include the University of North Carolina and the University of London. Berghahn was born in 1938 and is of German-American descent. Berghahn promptly begins the book by talking about economy and society.
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