Europe Is Nothing Without Africa Not The Other Way Around

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Europe is nothing without Africa not the other way around. By the early twentieth century most of Africa, excluding Ethiopia and Liberia had been colonized by European powers. Earlier between the 1870s and 1900 Africa faced many hardships from the Europeans such as imperialist aggression, conciliatory pressure, invasions from the military, prospective journeys and colonization. Although African societies put up resistance the scramble for African soil was taken by the Europeans. W.E.B Dubois declares his concept of the color line providing the dark cynical view of the worlds relationship to black civilization and its potential following the Berlin conference. The Berlin Conference was called to regulate European colonization and trade in Africa during the Imperialism period. The Fourteen countries in participation included : Belgium, Austria-Hungary, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden-Norway (unified from 1814-1905), Turkey, and the United States of America. During the time of the conference Africa had no only returned to being a local controlled country but an independent country at that. With Africa being easily accessed, conforming to be the central power of Europe there needed to be rules established for the involved countries dealing with each other. Therefore the Berlin conference managed to form a set of rules. With Africa being easily accessed, conforming to be the ventral power of Europe
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