Europe : Population Change And Population Control In Europe

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Europe is known globally as a continent with the most demographically complex population control issues. Previous to 1995 Europe’s European Union(EU) population was approximately 100 million people larger than that of the USA. However it is projected that the USA’s population will be larger than the EU’s population by over 20 million in 2050 (Tarmann,1). Presently, Europe’s problem seems to be that people are emigrating out of Europe. And because of this it reduces the effective reproduction of the country, contributing to the pace of their population decline. Many countries in Europe are trying to alleviate this critical issue, however many of the country’s political parties or governments are against or unresponsive to the idea of pronatalist policies. Pronatalist policies are policies that promote population growth. Because of this, policy makers and politicians look towards replacement migration over pronatalist policies. It is clear that pronatalist policies are less favorable when compared to replacement migration to help stabilize population control in Europe. One country in particle that is very late to the action of pronatalist policies is Spain. Spain has a widespread bias against pro natalist policies. They believe that it is interfering with the personal lives of people too much (“Case Study Spain”,51). They had lowest spendings invested on family support in the EU, spending less than 2% of its GDP on it (“Case Study Spain”,51). Up until recently they
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