Europe and America in the Eighteenth Century

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This ranged from the social life, religious, legal and even the economic aspects. During this time, Europe had reached it peak of industrial revolution with urban centers sprouting all over and the living conditions changing from the rural to these newly developed urban centers. None of these were experienced in America as the industrial revolution was not yet established in America. The population consistency was also another aspect that was very different in both countries since the New England and Europe at large was predominantly English, yet on the other hand America hosted a variety of ethnic strains during that time due to the migration from other continents and the slave trade. It is estimated that the America hosted more than 20 ethnic strains at that time, a heterogeneous mixture that could not be found in Europe then. The political s structure of the two regions also differed widely, with the American society vesting a lot of authority in personalities. This was due to the fact that with the heterogeneity, the Americans as a people had been left without traditions hence did not have the traditional structures to entrust with authority consequently vesting them on individuals. There was a predominant trend of people volunteering to form governing structures…
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