Europe 's ' Democratic Deficit ' : The Question Of Standards

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One of the sources examined in this paper was that of Giandomenico Majone’s article “Europe’s ‘Democratic Deficit’: The Question of Standards”. This article’s purpose was to factor in what definition was to be used for the democratic deficit. In this article Majone separates the two parties influenced by the democratic deficit: The European Community (EC) and the European Union (EU). The democratic deficit then that is used for this paper is taken strictly from the definition used by Majone, “Technocratic decision-making, lack of transparency, insufficient public participation, excessive use of administrative discretion, inadequate mechanisms of control and accountability – that arise whenever important policymaking powers are delegated to…show more content…
One theory posited by this article is that of Informational Theory, which ventures to guess that when there is overlapping members of different chambers (in this case from one chamber/committee into the conciliation committee) they can be expected to be representative of their chamber. Ramussen explains this by showing the similarities between the median positions of the conciliation committee member to the median position of the chamber by the member. The harms of this are outlined by Ramussen, “One possibility for national members to use the Conciliation Committee strategically to promote national interests would be to attempt to become overrepresented in delegations that negotiate cases where national interests play a large role and that are of vital interest to their country”(Ramussen 106). Two examples are drawn from this possibility: The Resale Rights Directive and The First Takeover Proposal. Both of these examples were guided by nations that were overrepresented in the conciliation committee and were able to trump the interests of other nations. Changing focus from the definition and examples used in order to understand the dependent variable of the democratic deficit there is the focus of voter turnout and the importance it has on EU representation. The first source that was examined in measuring the voter turnout in cases of EU elections comes

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