Europe 's Suffering From Low Fertility Rates

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Europe (Shrinking population): Europe’s is suffering from low fertility rates that could possibly affect their economy, the elderly, and communities if a solution is not found. This is very interesting to me because we often hear about Earth being overpopulated, but I was unaware that there was a case of not enough children being born in certain regions of the world like in parts of Europe. According to the article from The Guardian, for every baby born, two people die and the number is moving closer to three now (Kassam, Scammell, Connolly, Orange, Willsher & Ratcliffe, 2015). This ratio is concerning to the EU because they desperately needs more young people to run its health services, populate its rural areas and look after its…show more content…
For that reason Europeans tend to have one to two children, which still isn’t enough to boost the population required to take the positions that are becoming vacant. So what are the affects from this aside from affecting the economy? That alone is a big thing, but the northwestern region of Spain has been shrinking, leaving almost half Spain’s villages abandoned (Kotkin, 2012). More than 1,500 places once home to schools, businesses and filled with children, are now sit abandoned and overgrown by weeds (Kotkin, 2012). In Italy the retired population is soaring, with the proportion of over-65s set to rise from 2.7% last year to 18.8% in 2050 (Kotkin, 2012). Germany has the lowest birthrate in the world thus far. The EU’s Eurostat agency estimates that by 2050, Portugal, another place with this problem, will be the country in Europe that is home to the smallest proportion of children, with just 11.5% of the population expected to be under the age of 15 (Kotkin, 2012). Toyshops and hundreds of schools are closing while motels are being converted into nursing homes. These nursing homes also would not have the personal available to care for the aging and sick. As you can see, it’s not only about the economy; it affects communities, elderly, and healthcare. The government of each country has tried to launch initiatives to address the fertility rate problems. Not only have authorities reached out to radio stations to ask women to

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