European Business to Business Furniture Industry

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MKT813 Business to Business Marketing CASE 2 EUROPEAN B2B OFFICE FURNITURE INDUSTRY PRESENTED BY: Reema Badlani Yogesh Badlani Mayur Khanna CASE STUDY IN THE EUROPEAN B2B OFFICE FURNITURE INDUSTRY E-commerce focuses on solutions that enable enterprises to reengineer their structures and become flexible organizations that are able to corporate with their clients, suppliers, and partners. These solutions help in creating value by improving collaboration, work specialization information sharing and responsiveness. There is a two dimensional classification scheme of interfirm relation. In each of these four typologies interfirm relations are identified: 1. Many to many (E-marketplace)- many buyers and sellers are able to transact,…show more content…
But they not only have to provide the information to the clients but also manage the information and keep updating it from time to time. This effective informative website will promote the company’s image by showing its dynamism and innovative spirit and also create brand loyalty. They believed that this will not only represent a step towards efficient relationship but also a way to increase loyalty and show customers that how they can add value. This will also act as differentiation strategy and at the same time reduce the on-site assistance and its related costs. ONLINE PROCUREMENT Through the company’s e-procurement system buyers are able to access a customized catalog of products and services as well as buy products that are not included in the catalog. So only providing information is not enough, the clients should also be able to pay online. Consequently, its necessary that to implement procedures that guarantee secure economic transaction, so as to manage online payments. There is a greater effort required when it comes to online procurement. E-procurement is where the client buys an e-procurement software that enables online purchasing and asks them to provide with an e-catalog. The benefit deriving from the e-procurement systems are mainly related to the costs control, as the e-procurement systems allow automatically transmission of orders collected and process them quickly. Whereas from the suppliers point of view, e-procurement will provide them an
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