European Colonialism And The Middle East

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Europe is a sick civilization! According to Aimé Cesaire that is, but what are the characteristics of a “sick civilization” ? European colonialism is the main culprit when looking at the heinous crimes committed by the colonizer against the colonized in places Congo, America and the Middle East. The refugee crisis in Europe is a direct effect of colonialism on countries such as Sudan, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Following the migration of thousands of middle eastern natives to Europe, we start to see many policies implemented to stop refuges from entering European countries. Although some European countries has begun to take measures to help refugees, not nearly enough countries have the same view. The natives of Congo, America, and the Middle East are just who had and still have to endure the atrocities of European colonialism.
Colonialism, by definition is “the control or governing influence of a nation over a dependent country, territory, or people, but colonialism is much more sinister than simply influencing a “dependent country, territory, or people” as the above definition would have us believe. If we were to form our own definition of colonialism based on the current refugee crisis in Europe or the horrors that took place in Africa and America in the past, we can say that colonialism is the exploitation of a territory’s natural resources, taking full political control by force over a territory, and the forcing of these people to assimilate to their beliefs…
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