European Colonization Of Europeans And Native Americans

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After Columbus sailed the blue ocean in fourteen hundred ninety-two, the New World encountered catastrophic epidemics from the European conquest. The spread of diseases between Europeans and Native Americans led to a demographic calamity. The earliest explorations from European countries introduced a plethora of diseases; these diseases hindered the Native’s population and way of life. Not only early explorations of European countries impacted the indigenous people, but the settlement and encounters with Europeans in the twentieth century did as well. Before Europeans voyaged to the New World, the lands were occupied by Native Americans for thousands of years, but Europeans for centuries regarded themselves as the first to discover the Americas. Relations between the Native Americans and Europeans were often difficult. The Europeans saw the natives as savage heathens to be Christianized, and considered the land unexploited and ripe for colonization. The Italian explorer Christopher Columbus opened the way for European exploration of the New World. During Christopher Columbus’s (1451-1506) voyages to the Western Hemisphere, the monarchs of Western European nations sent explorers seeking a faster, more direct passage to Asia. Although these explorers failed in this mission, they helped map out a rich land for Europeans to control and colonize. English exploration was different from Spain, Portugal, and France. The English merchants had a huge role in English exploration…
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