European Colonization Of Native Americans, America, North And South America

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Introduction During colonization of the Americas from the 1500’s through the 1700’s, major European kingdoms with strong ships got to permanently settle this “New World” with their own people and the slaves that they bought from their West African trade partners. The Europeans used a lot of the Americas’ natural resources as raw materials to make expensive goods with. The Native Americans, who were the descendants of Asians that crossed the old land bridges, however were getting displaced from their tribal lands as more europeans and their plantations with African slaves would either peacefully or violently remove the Native Americans from prime agricultural and coastal areas. Let us briefly explore how the European colonization of the Americas brought the continents and cultures. of Europe, North and South America, and Africa closer in contact with each other. New Netherland What is the New Netherland? The New Netherland is the area what we now call parts of the US states of New York (specifically the current state capital of Albany and New York City, which was called New Amsterdam by the Dutch) and New Jersey (town of Kingston). It was named this way by the Dutch fur traders who settled along the Hudson River and bought part of Manhattan Island from a Native American tribe. It was a Dutch settlement between 1609 to 1664. Interestingly enough, the New Netherland was only found by accident when the privately-owned Dutch East India Company (from the European kingdom
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