European Competition Policy And The European Union

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In order to avoid such cases of economic loss and the businesses or consumers be protecting in their transactions, the European Commission has set certain rules and values that exist fluently functions in between European states and ensure unrestrained competition. The second part evaluates why we need a European competition policy and what European competition policy is about. European competition policy occupies a prominent in the work of the European Union since its inception of the Treaty of Rome in 1957. This Treaty established a system ensuring undistorted competition within the common market. The aim was to create a set of robust and efficient competition rules for the proper functioning of European market and benefit consumers of…show more content…
Moreover for best quality of the products. The competition encourages companies to improve the quality of goods and selling services to attract more customers and increase their market share. The quality may relate to various aspects of a product or service, such as longer life or better operation of the product, the best service after-sales or technical support, provide better services to consumers. Equally important is the plenty of option. In a competitive market companies try to differentiate their products by the other, leading to providing consumers more options to choose the product in their opinion offers the right relationship between price and quality. Furthermore the innovation. To be able to provide more options and produce better products, businesses need to innovate on the type and design product, production methods, provided the services . Finally, likewise the stronger competitors in international markets helps European businesses to be stronger and outside the EU and therefore be can survive in conditions of global competition. In cases where violations of rules competition for each country, the situation usually deal with the national competition authorities. However, enlargement of the internal market and globalization, the impact of any illegal practices, such as cartels, are usually felt many other countries within and outside the Union. The Commission normally has adequate means to handle
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