European Eonomis: Report Regarding the Potiential of Lily O’brien’s Chocolates to Expand Its Operations Into Eu Markets

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European Economics Bus2 Beverley Burgess Report Regarding the Potiential of Lily O’Brien’s Chocolates to Expand its Operations into EU Markets Introduction Mary Ann O’Brien started making chocolates in her kitchen in 1992 with two pans and a wooden spoon. The only helper she had was her l baby girl, Lily, who became later on with the success of her chocolates the company's name and chief taster. In Co Kildare, they have developed a mouth-watering repertoire of delicious chocolates using the finest ingredients. These chocolates have been created from the passion and pleasure of the makers of these delicious chocolates. Task 1 Analyse the Potential held by EU markets for Lily O’Brien Chocolates. Since starting the company in 1992, Lily…show more content…
Appoint new management positions and teams to cater for the expansion. 3. Start Preparation, the researching of different agencies that may be of help. European Information Service and Enterprise Ireland. 4. Research the size, key customers, distribution networks, characteristics, growth rates and the history of the three markets. 5. Research supermarket chains covering all three markets and each of the market. 6. Allocate a budget for the expansion into the EU. 7. Decide on a realistic goal ie. To have achieved 4.5% market share after the first 12 months. 8. Research advertising companies. 9. Choose distribution/advertising companies. 10. Start marketing campaign. 11. Management will have weekly meeting to review progress. Task 3 Analyse the significance of EU directives and laws to Lily O’Brien’s Chocolates. EU laws and directives will be extremely relevant for Lily O’Brien’s . There are many laws related to food hygiene regulations. To insure these regulations are met properly trained staff should be recruited and the company works alongside all the regulations that are set out by The Food Safety Authority and the regulating body in the countries of choice. The ingredients and the manufacturing process should be kept especially guarded this areas of importance isa directive known as intellectual property. Intellectual property is a legal field that refers to creations of the mind such as musical, literary, and artistic works; inventions; and symbols, names,

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