European Foundation Quality Management

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EUROPEAN FOUNDATION QUALITY MANAGEMENT The EFQM model of quality management can be very effective for my firm because we want a quality management model that takes in account all aspects of business to create quality from within. Quality of a product or service, describes the relationship between expectation and outcome. ( service or product could be of poor quality if it does not meet our expectation or it could be of very high quality if it exceeds our expectations. Thus, quality is not a new phenomenon, we have always been conscious of quality. People have always valued good products and good service, but traditionally better quality was more a result of individual or only management's effort. The quality was not a team effort with planning to achieve consistent quality to meet the customers demand. In the traditional management of quality, professionals or experts determine the needs of their customers. In order to maintain quality, products or services are inspected to fix the errors (Shewhart, 1931). Errors and waste within acceptable limits are tolerated. Traditional management often relies on assumptions and gut feelings and products and services are designed sequentially by isolated departments. The improvements and control of product quality is left to the 'experts' or managers, the controls on management decisions is also centralized [Carr & Littman, 1990]. The traditional approach to management of quality continues to this day in many organizations
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