Essay about European Gothic Architecture “Los Angeles Adaptation”

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The history of Architecture started long time ago. The nomadic were groups of people whom move from one place to another in order find shelter and food to survive. As they progress, their techniques to survive evolve. The need for a permanent shelter became vital for a better stability of the group. This is the time when the first structures that provided protection appeared. Post and lintel were the first forms of Architecture, that satisficed the basic needs. Architecture evolved to be more sophisticated and fulfill the people’s needs. Consequently, Architecture evolved throughout different periods such as: Ancient architecture, Romanesque, The medieval, Renaissance, Early modern, and the industrial age, Modernism and Contemporary…show more content…
These buildings would be the largest buildings that humans would admire for a long period. Gothic Architecture is mainly relating to cathedrals and churches from that time. The majestic building is very powerful when it comes to feelings and emotions. Some of those main characteristics of the Gothic Architecture are the pointed arcs, ribbed vaults and flying buttress, stained glass windows, complex decoration, towers and some other details. The origins of the pointed arcs used in gothic Architecture come from the pre-Islamic and Islamic Architecture. Two-barrel vaults intersecting in a perpendicular way compose the ribbed vaults; this would give more strength to the building allowing for more windows at higher places. Flying buttress has to purpose to resist horizontal forces, by redirecting to force to the ground. The stained glass windows were ecclesiastic windows that allow light from the highest points of the building. Some of the complex decoration refers to the amount of detail such as statues, paints, and scripts on the walls. All of the above are the characteristics that the Gothic Architecture presented during that period. Now days, some of the main concepts are being taken and applied to modern buildings such as the Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels, also known as the Cathedral of Los Angeles. It was design by the Spanish Architect José Rafael Moneo (1937-present). In 1996, he was appointing

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